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Blazing House Fire in SouthWest Atlanta Kills Mother and Son

A house fire started early morning Thursday in the 10 block of Pope Street. Unfortunately, it got out of control and took the life of a mother and her son.   The fire started on the front porch of the house and started to spread all to the second floor, where both home residents were.   A witness was across the street when the fire started. Lynn Blake heard screams coming fro...Read More

Atlanta Will Beat Silicon Valley into Becoming the Tech Hub

Atlanta is on its way to becoming the next great technology hub in America. Although it is true that no other place can compete with Silicon Valley when it comes to the biggest technology headquarters, Atlanta might be catching up. One advantage Atlanta has over The Bay Area is the cost of living in the city.   Yes, we all know that living in a city where the economy is booming ha...Read More

1 Shot During Robbery at Waffle House Restaurant in Atlanta

Atlanta,¬†Georgia - Yesterday, a man attempted to rob customers and employees at the Waffle House restaurant in Atlanta.   Fox 5 reported that the man was seen in front of the restaurant walking back and forth in the parking lot.   The suspect was wearing all black clothes and a black hoodie to cover most of his head and parts of his face. After a while of pa...Read More

Avoid Leaving Children in Hot Cars: 18 Children Died So Far This Year

The hottest days are yet to come and so far, this year 18 children in the U.S. have died from being left in a hot car. Most of those deaths have happened in the southeast, one occurring in Georgia.   During the summer, normal routines can easily change when it comes to children and caregivers. The state hopes you don't let a change in the routine end in tragedy.   It's a publ...Read More