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Looking for a job has become a part of our lives. Some people even devote their lives entirely to their career. Many of us also change the type of our work for different reasons. And successful career depends on many factors, including the experience you are having in your life. To make a career, we need to know how to use our skills right. It depends on the workplaces people have been to or worked at.

At Atlanta Car Transport, our goal is to deliver a 5-star vehicle-shipping experience by blending innovative logistics solutions with a commitment to service that delights.



Atlanta Car Transport Provides the Opportunity to Grow

We offer to work with and learn from talented team solving challenging and super hard problems. Our crew helps while building and leading you to the great success.

Skilled Employees

Atlanta Car Transport hires only skilled workers to become a part of us. Our company keeps growing and extending, so we are often in need of help. We can hire on the spot if we see someone who has potential and meets all our requirements.

Driver’s Career

We work with drivers with at least 2 years of experience and a clean driving record. Before we hire, our drivers need to pass all the needed drug tests and physical exams. They must be able to deal with heady duty loadings.

Owner Operator’s Career


We make sure that our operator’s trucks pass the company’s inspection. They must also pass DOT level 4 inspections.

Dispatcher’s Career

Our dispatchers must know the US map, be familiar with highways. They must have good knowledge of cars of different models, specific trucks, trailers. They should also know the safest routes and the bridges.

Shipping Coordinator’s Career

Shipping coordinators must have a high level of customer service. They must also have at least 2 years of experience in customer service and some knowledge of logistics. To be able to work at Atlanta Car Transport, you must have an ability to handle multiple phone calls with different lines and faxes. Also treat each customer individually and do the best to help.

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