A man shot at the wedding police

A Man Was Shot At The Wedding Reception.Police Arrested The Murderer

  A man from Washington, D.C. was shot on July 8.   The murder took place near the intersection of West Brookhaven Drive and Capital City Lane.   The victim, whose name is Christian Broder, died two weeks after the shooting. He suffered injuries and didn’t survive.   The incident happened at the wedding reception at […]

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House fire

Blazing House Fire in SouthWest Atlanta Kills Mother and Son

A house fire started early morning Thursday in the 10 block of Pope Street. Unfortunately, it got out of control and took the life of a mother and her son.   The fire started on the front porch of the house and started to spread all to the second floor, where both home residents were. […]

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1 Shot During Robbery at Waffle House Restaurant in Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia – Yesterday, a man attempted to rob customers and employees at the Waffle House restaurant in Atlanta.   Fox 5 reported that the man was seen in front of the restaurant walking back and forth in the parking lot.   The suspect was wearing all black clothes and a black hoodie to cover most […]

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downtown atlanta

Three Shootings Occured in Downtown Atlanta Early Friday

Atlanta, Georgia –  Early Friday, there were a total of three shootings that occurred in downtown Atlanta.   Right before 1 AM today, a police officer was near Forsyth Street when he heard a man yelling.   Marquez Redden was a witness on the scene and interviewed with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution after the incident to tell […]

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Atlanta Taking a Step Towards Bettering Immigrant Policies

On Wednesday, Keisha Lance Bottoms, Mayor of Atlanta signed an order that will no longer allow the city jail to take in immigrants who are facing deportation charges.   Her reason for this ban was to put an end to the separation of families that is happening at the border.   She signed the order […]

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Union Road

Man Shot in Stomach in Mansion on Union Road

Late Sunday night, a man was shot in an ex-NFL player’s mansion on Union Road.   Police have stated that the victim is 23-years-old. He was found in the mansion with a gunshot wound in his stomach.   Several neighbors in South Fulton called policed after hearing gunshots.   When police arrived at the house […]

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atlanta news

1 Dead in Atlanta House Shooting

Earlier today, a few men were seen arguing in front of a rooming house in the 100 block of West Lake Avenue in Atlanta. A witness in the area heard them. The witness says that one of the men claimed to have gotten stabbed by the man who later got shot.     The victim, […]

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georgia plane crash

C-130 Military Plane Crash in Chatham County Left 5 People Dead

CHATHAM COUNTY, Georgia — An Air National Guard C-130 cargo plane on a training mission crashed Wednesday along a road near a Georgia airport leaving 5 people dead.   A spokeswoman for the Port Wentworth Fire Department said a call came out and “everyone scrambled” to the scene. She could see black smoke “pouring” into […]

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atlanta news

Four Suspects Taken Into Custody After Fleeing From Authorities

COWETA COUNTY, Georgia — Four suspects have been apprehended after attempting to flee authorities in a high-speed chase.   It all started when police received a 911 call from Fidelity Bank at the intersection of Hwy. 154 and Lower Fayetteville Road.   The caller told police that a man was attempting to pass a bad […]

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