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A Man Was Shot At The Wedding Reception.Police Arrested The Murderer
A man shot at the wedding police


A man from Washington, D.C. was shot on July 8.


The murder took place near the intersection of West Brookhaven Drive and Capital City Lane.


The victim, whose name is Christian Broder, died two weeks after the shooting. He suffered injuries and didn’t survive.


The incident happened at the wedding reception at the Capital City Club.


Police arrested Torrus Fleetwood. He was the driver of the vehicle. Police suspected him of the crime.


Fleetwood was arrested for making terroristic threats in January 2016. He spent six months in jail and 2  more years on probation.


A Clayton County judge give him a jail sentence of 30 days.


Police arrested Jayden Myrick. Police believes he was the gunman.


He got off the car and threatened Broder and three others. Myrick demanded everybody to give him all their belonging.


Broder was shot while trying to negotiate with him.


Myrick has been accused of robbery previously.



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