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Amazon Disaster Relief Hub to Ship Donated Hurricane Aid

You are currently viewing Amazon Disaster Relief Hub to Ship Donated Hurricane Aid
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Amazon is positioning itself as a strategic response center with the official start of the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season yesterday. The hub opened in our city to get what is calling a quicker response to areas on the Southern coasts, various islands, and country outside of the U.S. which are traditionally affected by annual natural disasters.

Amazon Fulfillment Center

Located just outside of Atlanta is a 10,000 cubic-foot fulfillment center space at the hub. It will stock more than a half-million supplies donated by Amazon.

Atlanta is well-suited to dispatching disaster aid to the areas in need. It is also home to the nation’s bustling airport. In fact, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is from the Coast it just located 310 miles. Another island it is 734 and another country it is 1,535 miles from it and other island where there are devastating hurricanes that often occur.

Amazon: Partnering With Global Humanitarian Relief Organizations

“Partnering with global humanitarian relief organizations is what our disaster relief and response team is doing. That is to leverage Amazon’s scale and capacity to help increase the response time to huge natural disasters around the world,” Amazon Vice President of Global Customer Fulfillment Alicia Boler Davis has said in a statement.

“We need to be nimble, fast, and effective in our expertise in logistics and operations. Thus, we have created the Disaster Relief Hub in metro Atlanta. The key is to provide very fast and deliberate relief when it’s needing most. That is by donating and delivering hundreds of thousands of emergency aid supplies. These include shelter materials like tents and tarps, hygiene items, and medical equipment.”

Above-Normal Hurricane Activity

Predicting a sixth consecutive season of above-normal hurricane activity is what the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration occurring this year. Atlanta can move quickly when disaster does strike. There are teams on the ground therefore that can quickly determine what supplies are needing. Then assess what is available. As a result, pack and distribute to where it is needed.

Pre-Positioning Strategy

In fact, Amazon was able to use data that resulted from four years of disaster analysis. That was to develop a pre-positioning strategy. Moreover, it would deliver the most common relief supplies. These included tarps, tents, water containers and filters, medical supplies, clothing, and kitchen items. They would be delivered to the places where they are needing the most. Then, the community partners can work with Amazon to distinguish other items of need to distribute in ensuing flights.

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