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Atlanta Car Lovers Must Do Activities

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The Porsche Experience Center is a must see for all the family!
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When you are a lover of all things cars, there is nothing better than finding a new place to go that offers a fun and immersive experience. Typically, these are great activities for anyone, so you can drag your whole family with you, and they will likely have the time of their life! Having a love for cars merely enhances the experience. Atlanta is one city that has a lot of great activities available to you! These will guarantee fun for all, especially those with a passion for cars!

Porsche Experience Center

Have you ever wanted to feel the rush of driving a Porsche on a track? Or learn about the keys to maintaining driver safety on a dangerous ride? Well, this is the place for you! You can buckle in and go for a ride around the track in a variety of different Porsche models and then follow it up with some educational discussions focused on driver safety!

Go for a Drive on The Tail of the Dragon

The Tail of the Dragon is a roadway that gets its nickname from the fact that it features 311 turns in 11 miles of road. While this is a bit away from the city of Atlanta, being over four hours north, the experience is well worth the trek up to it. The drive up is beautiful and then the drive on the Tail of the Dragon itself is nothing short of a wild experience.

Shop Around Summit Racing

While this may seem like a boring place to find yourself one afternoon as it is a retailer selling things like old Mustang parts, it is an awesome place to just walk around! There are all sorts of cool things around every corner. It is also the last sort of business of its kind around, making it a great place to visit and reflect on the nostalgia of the times before.

Attend the Petit Le Mans Show

This event is easily one of the most beloved car-related events in all of Atlanta and Georgia. This event is for the finale of the International Motor Sports Association’s races. The event spans multiple days and lasts most of each day. There is intense racing to watch, car shows to walk around or even participate in, parades, and all sorts of fun other activities around the track.

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