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Visiting Detroit, MI?

Atlanta to Detroit, MIDetroit, MI is the largest city in the US state of Michigan. It has an estimated population of 677,116. The city was founded in 1701. After its major collapse in employment and inhabitants in the early 2000’s, the city has been developing fast. Currently, Detroit is the second largest economic region in the Midwest after Colorado.

The city has is the “metropolis of the automobile”. Indeed, it is also the country’s fullest inland port and is easily accessible. It is to be noted, the automobile industry is developed in the city through Henry Ford. Detroit is the center of the American automobile industry. Moreover, the three big manufacturers Ford, General Motors and Chrysler had their factories here. Here are some interesting places in Detroit for tourists to visit as well:

Here are the main Detroit Institutes of Arts:

Comerica Park

Henry Ford Estate

GM Renaissance Center

Motown Museum

Pewabic Pottery

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Door-to-Door Car Shipping – Your vehicle is picked up from anywhere near your hose, and the trailers meet you at the nearest large parking lot where the vehicle is delivered.

Expedited Car Shipping – Driver picks up your vehicle as soon as possible. In addition, expedited car shipping only means a faster pick up and not a quicker drop-off. Driving process cannot go faster than the law allows.

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