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Welcome to Houston, TX

Atlanta to Houston, TX

Houston, TX is the most populated city in the state with its more than 2.2 million residents. The city of Houston is also called “Space City”.  Houston is enjoying the recognition it deserves. Just last year the city landed on several “best of lists”: the Travel + Leisure roundup of America’s Favorite Cities and other local magazine rated as of the most affordable U.S. holiday destinations. See for yourself, here in Houston, where much of day-to-day life happens outside, due to mild, constant temperatures. Take time to explore the diverse, culture-filled areas, gallery spaces, and charms, which offer various flavors that you can find only in Houston.

Come! Live as a local for a few days and realize why Houston’s mixture of worldwide appeal and Southern attraction have taken the imagination of tastemakers all over the world.



Ship a Car to and from Houston, TX

Comparing to coast-to-coast routes, a drive from Atlanta, GA to Houston, TX is not that long. It is about 700 miles. While many people would just drive to move their car, it is better to ship some kinds of vehicles. For example, if you have a luxury or a retro car, you surely do not want to drive it all the way to Houston, TX. Instead, it is much safer to use Luxury Vehicle Transport. At Atlanta Car Transport, our professional team has a lot of experience shipping exotic vehicles and doing Houston Car Transport services. We will take good care of your car shipping it door to door fast and secure.

Another reason why you might need to move a car to Houston is Auction Car Transport. In that case, we will be happy to help you with the corresponding type of a service. Our team will deliver the car you have bought straight to your location without any hassle!

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