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Seattle Auto Shipping

Seattle is the largest northwestern city in the US state of Washington. It is a major seaport. The city is in between Lake Washington and Puget Sound. It has a nickname of ‘Emerald City’. It rains a lot in the city during fall and early spring. Cloudy days are common in Seattle. Summer is rather dry. It snows in winter, but snowstorms are rare. Thunderstorms also don’t happen too often. Seattle is famous for many things like its’ connection to music and coffee culture, and number of educated people.

Whether you’re a family looking for budget-friendly finds or a seasoned traveler on the hunt for the most attractive places, the Emerald City has your back. While here, you can meet artisan makers, shop indie boutiques and designer fashions, admire priceless works of art. Also, you can sing your heart out at a karaoke club, explore like a local in the city’s diverse neighborhoods, and enjoy nature—all without ever having to leave the city. No matter what you’re looking for, the perfect adventure awaits.

We Are Ready to Ship Your Vehicle For You!

If you have started planning your move from Atlanta to Seattle, WA, you probably already know that you must drive 40 hours to get there, it is over 2,636 miles. While a coast-to-coast road trip can be exciting, it’s also expensive, tiring and takes a lot of time. To avoid huge gas expenses and dangers of the roads, you can use Seattle Car Shipping service by Atlanta Car Transport.

At Atlanta Car Transport, our goal is to make your relocation as convenient and affordable as we can. With us, you can ship any type of vehicle safe and fast. We will deliver it Door-to-door and make sure it arrives in the desired time frame. Let us mention that Door-to-door is a standard service. Our agents will also get you the best available price – and if you get a better quote from another auto transport company, we will beat it!

Get free quotes from us by requesting them online on our website. Also, you can simply call our office at (404) 800-6200, and Atlanta Car Transport team will provide you with all the information you need!