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Atlanta Offers Plenty of Options to Celebrate Veterans Day: Check it Out!

You are currently viewing Atlanta Offers Plenty of Options to Celebrate Veterans Day: Check it Out!
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Veterans Day is upon us. It’s the right time and a good chance to honor the servicemen in your life.

Veterans Day is the holiday, which commemorates the 100th anniversary of the end of World War 1.

The holiday features the homage of U.S. veterans and victims of all wars. If you happen to be in Atlanta, there are many ways to do that.

Choose the one that interests you more, or be part of as many activities as you can.

The city has plenty to offer to celebrate the occasion, from parades to evening ceremonies of remembrance.

The annual parade in Marietta kicks off at Roswell Street Baptist Church and features marching bands drill teams, military vehicles, and veteran’s organizations for the 14th year in the row.

Atlanta’s Veterans Day Promises Excitement

Atlanta has a special Ceremony dedicated to veterans. Ceremony in Smyrna includes junior ROTC cadets, special speakers and, of course, musical performances for the heroes.

Come to Twentieth Century Veterans Memorial at 2 p.m.

As you see you have many options on how and what time of the day dedicated to the homage of veterans.

A very entertaining event is designed for former members of the military, police, and fireman are welcome to attend the first-ever Uniformed Ball.

All attendees will receive a catered dinner and light appetizers, along with entertainment and dancing.

It’s not very often we are given chances to give our thanks to military veterans and public service personnel, so you better invite your family and friends to the Fallen Heroes Memorial.

It’s a place to praise Gwinnett residents who died in the line of duty in the military or public safety service. The site honors about 7000 individuals.

Atlanta also offers an alternative way of spending your holiday. Veteran, active-duty and reserve members of the US are welcome to spend a holiday among the animals.

Zoo Atlanta will give $4 off general admission for their guests.

Happy Veterans Day!

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