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Atlanta’s Most Popular Auto Transportation Services

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A truck like this could ship your car with enclosed auto transportation!
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Here at Atlanta Car Transport, we offer a variety of auto transportation services that are guaranteed to get your car shipped from one place to the next in no time at all! However, we do have a few different options that are more popular and common than other services. In fact, we have two services that are our main services, our open air auto transportation and our enclosed auto transportation.

A Little Bit About Our Open Air Auto Transportation

Between the two services, our open air transportation is the more popular selection. The service is perfect for the “every car” for a regular, everyday shipment! If you are simply moving across the country and do not have any sort of exclusive vehicle, you can ship your vehicle calmly and peacefully with this service option!

Our open air auto transportation is a form of auto shipping in which your car is shipped on a truck and trailer combination vehicle in which the trailer housing your vehicle is open to the world around it. It has plenty of security holding your car down, often having side bars to provide extra protection; however, it remains open. This means your car is exposed to the natural elements around it. During transit, this could mean your car is exposed to rain, wind, etc. Because of this fact, open air is rarely chosen for luxury vehicle shipments.

Instead, luxury car owners usually select our enclosed auto transportation service.

Our enclosed auto transportation service is a great way to ship your vehicles that you want to have a little extra protection while being shipped. Similar to open air, the shipment is done with a truck and trailer combination; however, this time the trailer is fully enclosed. A trailer for this is essentially a large box on wheels, keeping your car housed away from natural elements like rain, wind, and more. While this extra layer of protection for your vehicle is most commonly sought after by luxury car owners, people who drive non-luxury vehicles are able to ship using enclosed auto transportation as well!

If you are interested in either of these two shipping services, or are curious about our other offers, give us a call today!

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