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Auction Auto Transport

auction auto transport

When buying a vehicle in a different state from an auto auction it is important to be aware of potential problems and financial risks. Some auctions charge storage fees, others have limited hours and strict policies on loading cars. You can ship from any auction and some auctions even provide their own auction car transport services. Admittedly chances are you’ll probably wind up just transporting with a normal nationwide carrier that provides auction car transport services in addition to what else they do.

Companies that solely provide shipping to or from an auction typically only work close-range, usually within a specific region. There are hundreds of different car auction locations across the United States, and some – like Mannheim and Copart. They host auctions across the United States. If you’re shipping to or from such an auction, and you’re not shipping locally, your best bet would be to find an independent company that provides auction car transport services, as they’ll probably be cheaper for you in the long run.

Atlanta Car Transport Does Top-Rated Auction Auto Transport

Shipping your vehicle has never been easier. With a network of 40 terminals and 30 modern carriers, you can get your vehicle where it needs to be. We provide years of experience and industry knowledge that ensures the most carefree vehicle delivery process possible for every customer. We offer many types of services when it comes to shipping cars and other types of vehicles.

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Fully Insured and On-Time Delivery

Should the unimaginable happen, you can rest assured knowing that not only are our vehicles covered, but so are you and your vehicle. While your vehicle is in our possession, we take total responsibility for its care. A big part of being a first-rate vehicle transport company is getting your car where it needs to be—on time. We don’t waste any time getting your vehicle on 1 of 30 carriers in our fleet, and to your new destination, right when you were expecting it.

Offering Open and Enclosed Car Transport Services

You can find both open and enclosed auction car transport services when shipping to or from an auto auction. Some auctions sell luxury vehicles that need an enclosed shipping, but for most online auto auctions open carrier suits you just fine. A good rule of thumb when deciding between open and enclosed car shipping is to look at your car. If you drive it daily, to or from work or just use it as your commuter, open shipping is safe enough. Though your car is open to the weather and elements of the interstate highway system. You expose a commuter car to the same conditions every day, so there’s really no need for enclosed shipping.

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