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Blazing House Fire in SouthWest Atlanta Kills Mother and Son

You are currently viewing Blazing House Fire in SouthWest Atlanta Kills Mother and Son
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A house fire started early morning Thursday in the 10 block of Pope Street. Unfortunately, it got out of control and took the life of a mother and her son.


The fire started on the front porch of the house and started to spread all to the second floor, where both home residents were.


A witness was across the street when the fire started. Lynn Blake heard screams coming from inside the house and yelling out for help.

She described it as “traumatizing,” but she could not do much except to call 911.


“You could hear the screams,” she said, “They stopped.”

She told Channel 2 reporters that the fire was spreading very fast and horribly. It was “humongous.”


When Atlanta firefighters arrived at the location, they used a ladder to climb up to the second floor and get to the fire victims.


Though the second floor was bursting up in huge flames, they were able to get inside from the roof of the house and locate both of the victims. However, they did not make it in time and the victims were not alive.


Investigators still do not know what started the fire or how it even started.


All they know so far is that the fire started in the corner of the front porch and then quickly spread towards the second floor of the house.

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