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Bomb Squad Dismisses the Bomb Threat at the Atlanta Airport

You are currently viewing Bomb Squad Dismisses the Bomb Threat at the Atlanta Airport
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Atlanta, GA—Workers at the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport called the bomb squad for a suspicious package on Friday morning, February 15, 2019. The bomb threat was a great scare for those traveling through the airport. However, nothing came of the threat beyond a big scare for travelers and a lot of resources used by bomb squads.

After the bomb squad finished their investigation, they gave the all-clear. The police have declared that it was a false alarm and that the scene is safe. Suspicious packages are not common in airports, for they must include some indication of tampering. These indications include protruding wires, foil, visible stains or the presence of a strange odor. Although, investigators have not released the particular details about this package. They have no interest in divulging anything about it beyond that they were able to contain it.

News of Bomb Threat Spreads on Social Media

Many people were tweeting about the incident when they saw the bomb squad blocking off one of the two terminals. This airport is located in the heart of Atlanta and has a lot of foot traffic. Click here to see some tweets about the incident. The two terminals face opposite of each other. Not to mention, that the two terminals connect through an underground Transportation Mall. Thus, any potential harm to one of the terminals would have been detrimental to both sides.

Unfortunately, Atlanta has had recent issues with metro Atlanta bomb threats. Many government buildings and businesses (large and small) have been affected by these threats. None of these threats were credible, but they came often and worried officials. That is to say that when Atlanta’s airport officials found the suspicious bag, they weren’t going to take any chances. Thankfully, the airport has been given this all-clear and the investigation is closed.

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