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Chick-fil-A Files a Price-Fixing Lawsuit Against Poultry Companies

You are currently viewing Chick-fil-A Files a Price-Fixing Lawsuit Against Poultry Companies
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Chick-fil-A has reportedly filed suit against a bunch of poultry producers as the company is alleging price-fixing. Among the targets are some processors based in Georgia.

Chick-fil-A Said They Purchased Many Dollars Worth of Chicken

Billions of dollars purchased chicken and its key food ingredients. The Metro Atlanta-based chain bought the chicken “at prices that were artificially inflating.” However, it was damaging by antitrust violations.

Processing giants included Tyson Foods, Pilgrim’s Pride, and Sanderson Farms. Chick-fil-A’s suit in federal court names 17 companies included above. Moreover, it was reporting by Bloomberg that Sanderson declining to comment. A Tyson representative said the claims were unfound. Then, the New York Times reported that Pilgrim’s Pride. It is described as the claims as unfounded.

Wayne Farms of Oakwood, Mar-Jac Poultry of Gainesville, Claxton Poultry Farms of Claxton, and Harrison Poultry of Bethlehem. These are the Georgia processing companies are listing above. However, it was being sued by Chick-fil-A. The company has never done business with Chick-fil-A according to Harrison chief executive David Bleth. He also further won’t comment on the ongoing litigation. Moreover, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the three other Georgia companies were not immediately available for comment on Monday afternoon.

Trends in the Poultry Industry: History is Repeating Itself

Therefore, pricing fixing allegations and associating lawsuits and indictments have been going on for several years. However, they have roiled out the poultry industry. It is the biggest and most lucrative sector in Georgia agriculture.

A slew of big buyers, from retailers such as Kroger, Walmart, and Publix to Nestle, Campbell Soup, Hooters of America, Golden Corral and Cracker Barrel, among others are citing by Chick-fil-A’s lawsuits. In addition, to citing allegations from an earlier, ongoing lawsuit. In recent months, some joined in the suit.

Chick-fil-A Big Development

A recent grand jury indictment in which Chick-fil-A was part of alleged big rigging. “QSR-5 was among the victims in the indictment under its pseudonym. It was QSR-5 which Chick-fil-A disclosed.

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