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Con Artist Man Arrested Claiming to Be Homeless and Fourteen

You are currently viewing Con Artist Man Arrested Claiming to Be Homeless and Fourteen
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Being a con artist can lead to jail time. Especially when confronted by a law enforcement officer.

21-year-old Abay Holmes identified as a 14-year-old freshman. He gave false information in order to enroll at Baldwin High School in Milledgeville.

Successful for two days as Awan Thomas, a high school freshman, he was able to use a school-provided laptop.

A woman took Holmes under her care since he was claiming he was homeless. Eventually, she called authorities when she deemed the “kid” an “unruly juvenile.”

According to a Baldwin Office Deputy by the name of Brandon Towe, Holmes said the lady was trying to take away his laptop. Hence why she gave him the boot.

Looking further into the situation, Towe “determined that Awan did not have a legal guardian in the State of Georgia.”

The deputies and school officials came to a realization that the address Holmes had given did not match with records. He provided a false address to properly enroll in high school.

The result of getting Holmes’ fingerprints at the Jones County Sheriff’s Office in Gray revealed his birth name.

After the discovery, Holmes (not Thomas) was sent to jail in Baldwin County.

Obviously he did not want to be around high school students, as classes are virtual. What is his motive?

Why a con artist?

Abay Holmes was actually a successful football payer at a metro Atlanta high school. Because he was so impressive, he was recruited to continue his talents at Georgia Military College in Milledgeville.

This brings up a lot of questions. Why did he pretend to be a high school student? What was his financial situation like? What are the other factors we should consider? Did he do this to have access to a laptop to further his education? Does he want to relive his high school years?

Authorities are still investigating as to what Holmes’ motivation is.

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