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Corona Virus and Monkeypox Cases Decrease in Georgia

You are currently viewing Corona Virus and Monkeypox Cases Decrease in Georgia
Corona Virus spreads no more.
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COVID-19 and Monkeypox is going down in the frequency of it’s former status in Georgia. The State Department of Public Health reported on Tuesday, October 11th. It’s since mid-August that COVID cases in Georgia have gone down nearly 80%. Dr. Cherie Drenzek is the epidemiologist and chief science officer. And that’s what he figured out for members of the state Board of Public Health. Hospitalizations have gone down a large amount. About 89% since the omicron variant had hit the peak since las winter. Meanwhile the number of deaths from the virus had totally fallen about 100% per week, according to Dr. Drenzek. There are three new omicron subvariants that are appearing in Georgia and all over the country. In total, they account for about 23% of the current caseload in the state of Georgia.

It’s something to look out for.

Regardless if they are continuing to grow or not, it’s a difficult distinction. But Dr. Drenzek warrants a close eye. Dr. Alexander Millman, the chief medical officer for the DPH or Department of Public Health allows for new booster shots to target the omicron variant to administer all at once for the annual flue shots. These new boosters are going to be spread far and wide for other adults, so that the virus and Monkeypox are less likely to spread themselves to new edges of Georgia.

In Georgia alone, there are 1,839 cases of the virus. Althroughout 64 counties. As it turns out, 85% of cases have been found in metro Atlanta. A lot of the cases are found in men having sex with men.

98% of the cases are developed by men. Meanwhile, only 5% of the monkeypox patients have been hospitalized. And those are pretty achievable odds. Being that only a small number of those cases are severe. That’s typically when they involve men that are HIV-positive. Which in itself is pretty rare too. This is all having to do with individuals that have compromised immune systems. But now monkey pox vaccines are proving to be very strong. Strong enough to cure. Additionally, there’s news that a fresh batch of multi-colored fentanyl is gaining attention. Which would be particularly damaging for patients who suffer from Monkeypox. The facts are, the situation is being handled as best as it can be. That’s good news for all Georgians who are compromised on an health scale. Therefore, we can work towards developing vaccines that will protect children from corona virus and monkeypox alike.

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