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Deadly and Violent Labor Day Weekend in Atlanta

You are currently viewing Deadly and Violent Labor Day Weekend in Atlanta
The shootings have raised concerns regarding increased crime in the city.
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The three-day Labor Day weekend turned out to be deadly in Atlanta, Georgia this year. With at least 9 reported shootings, 15 victims, and 6 fatalities, there is a growing concern regarding crime rates in the city. All of the shootings are seemingly unrelated, increasing the concern even more. The police report that overall, despite the multiple shootings that occurred in the short time frame, crime rates are down for the city. Atlanta’s Police Chief, Darin Schierbaum, said they have continued on working toward arresting drug dealers, gang members, and weapons dealers in the city. In comparison to these shootings, he said they cannot control or de-escalate situations that happen within one’s home.

Citizens of the city still feel differently.

The cousin of one of the victims, Brad Olvey, cousin of Harrison Olvey who was shot and killed early Sunday morning, released statements expressing his concerns as a citizen and family member of a victim. Brad said, “These people are just shooting people for nothing, over nothing.” In the case of his cousin Harrison, he was working a shift as a valet. There was a car break-in happening and he tried to step in to stop it when the perpetrator shot and killed him.

The other shootings were primarily domestic disputes as far as police investigations show currently. On Saturday, there were two fatal shootings and one nonfatal shooting that are still being investigated with little known about the circumstances still. Also on Saturday was an incident at an apartment complex where a man was shot and killed. At a different residence on Saturday, a familial argument between an uncle and niece regarding rent and eviction led to the niece being shot and killed.

On Sunday, there was the shooting that killed Harrison Olvey, as well as a shooting in which three adults and two children had been shot at a home. They are currently recovering well. The shooter in this incident was 18 years old and shot himself after shooting the victims. Also on Sunday was a suspected drive-by shooting at a Shell gas station.

The Atlanta Police Department confidently feels most of these shootings stem from domestic disputes and are simply coincidental that they occurred all within the weekend. They have made several arrests for several of the shootings. They are wanting to assure people that they have crime under control in the city and that they are especially cutting down on gang and drug-related violence.

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