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Delta Airlines Partners Up With Roadie to Help With Delayed Luggage

You are currently viewing Delta Airlines Partners Up With Roadie to Help With Delayed Luggage
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As you may already know, it’s a real struggle when you arrive at your destination but your luggage doesn’t. Delta Airlines wants to help people stuck in that situation.


Delta Airlines partnered up with Roadie, an Atlanta-based company that delivers delayed baggage to travelers.


Recently, they expanded to different cities. Now, Roadie services more than 50 cities, and Atlanta is one of them.


Roadie’s project is basically like Uber for people’s belongings and luggage to get delivered to them.


How it works:

–  Roadie-registered customers can send or receive packages by using the app.


–  Drivers that are registered in the app can choose to deliver the package.


–  If the driver is already headed towards that direction and is willing to deliver it, they pick it up and head to the destination.


–  The customer must send a picture of the package before it is picked up.


–  All transactions go through the app.


The deliveries range from $11 up to $150. The cost depends on the time-limit and weight of the package that the customer is shipping.


Roadie CEO Marc Gorlin hopes to expand to more states all over the U.S. However right now, the app deliveries only in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Alabama, Louisiana, and Arkansas.


Drivers that pickup and deliver packages get 80% of the charge and Roadie gets 20%.


Gil West, the chief operating officer of Delta, believes “Roadie gives Delta creative ways to solve customer pain points.”


So, when a Delta flying customers do not receive their luggage on time, they can use the app to get it delivered instead of going to the baggage-claim office. The app also allows them to track their luggage when it arrives and is picked up from the airport.


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