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The DMV: A Terrible Place

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The DMV is a terrible place. Depending on your area, you could be in and out within an hour or so, or you could be stuck waiting in line for over half a day. Either way, registering your vehicle with the DMV is a time-consuming task.

The DMV: Waiting In Line

Lines are standard at the DMV. Standing in line or waiting for your number is as American as fresh-baked apple pie. This is where you will primarily spend your time. Waiting in line is boring. There are options where you can book an appointment, but those are typically filled months ahead. If you are unable to book an appointment, then getting there before they open and waiting in that line is your best bet.

Crazy People Are Waiting With You

If you live in a rural town, you might not be waiting long. For those in big cities, it means you have to wait with the rest of them. Make sure you’re not sitting next to the guy rocking back and forth while simultaneously checking his pockets for ghosts. Make sure to locate the nearest sweet old lady and listen to her talk about her time as a broadway dancer. It’ll make your experience better and make an old lady’s day.

Get Ready for a Bill

Once again, depending on where you are, this could cost you a lot of money. Some states like Massachusettes and California really like to tax you for unnecessary things. There is no getting around paying a $200 tax for not owning your car for a full year. This can be a shock to many who decide to move from out of state. Add those unnecessary taxes to your already high bill and you might want to say vulgar things to the evil tax lady sitting behind the counter.

Leaving the DMV As A New Resident

Congratulations, you are now a registered citizen of your new state. Through the blood sweat and tears, you made it. You took upwards of a $600 dollar hit, but here you are, still standing. Do you feel proud? Maybe. Has anything changed? Not really, but hey, you got cool new license plates (depending on if your old license plates looked cooler).

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