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Epicurean Venue Announces Creative Vision For Culinary Experience

You are currently viewing Epicurean Venue Announces Creative Vision For Culinary Experience
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An Epicurean Venue provides a look into the programming plan. This will be for its “theatre” venue that will open with the hotel this summer.

Epicurean Atlanta Hosts Educational Forums

Therefore, the Epicurean Theater in Atlanta, Georgia is available for hotel overnight guests and locals respectfully. It will host educational forums for the open discussion of a broad range of topics. These include cultural trends and cooking techniques. You can learn about the art of mixology, wine-tasting, and more.

Moreover, led by significant local and regional chefs and beverage professionals. These are demonstrations, tasting, and pairings. “Bringing dynamic, inspiring, and engaging programming to attendees at all levels of culinary expertise is what the high-tech kitchen classroom does,” a spokesperson in an email told What Now Atlanta.

Epicurean Atlanta: Connects Local Community to our Culinary Legacy

“Moreover, the Epicurean Theatre is the peak of our hotel’s amenities,” Marc Bauer, Epicurean Atlanta general manager, said in a prepared statement. “It’s about discovery, fueling of passions, and learning from talented artists in a close-up scenario. In fact, this venue connects our local community to our culinary legacy. Moreover, it was put together by the teachings of Epicurus. Plus, the commitment to the greatness of Bern Laxer, founder of Bern’s Steak House in Tampa, Florida.”

Develop Additional Events and Classes

Chef Ewart Wardhaugh will oversee the theatre programming. He will also helm the kitchen at Reverence. Moreover, the team at Epicurean Atlanta has hired local Atlanta experiential agency Southern Culinary & Creative. Thereby to develop additional events and classes.

Atlanta Food & Wine Festival

Therefore, Elizabeth Feichter, Kelly Campbell, and Rebecca Lemelin Gann of Southern Culinary & Creative are behind the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival. As well as other culinary and cultural experiences throughout the Southeast.

“We are planning out the events calendar and exploring meaningful and thoughtful themes at Epicurean Atlanta. “We cannot wait to reveal what in fact is in store later this summer,” Feichter said. “Moreover, both hotel guests and local residents will be able to do it all. This is with top drawer technology at their fingerprints. It will make a fantastic experience.”

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