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Everything You Need to know to Ship a Classic Car

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Steps to Take to Ship Your Classic Car
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 Owning a classic car is a hobby no car enthusiast takes lightly. It’s more than just driving the beauty around town and showing it off. It’s the time you take refurbishing it and taking care of it that gives you the greatest satisfaction. The only problem is now you have to move it a great distance. Putting hundreds of miles of unnecessary road time on your car is just out of the question, so now you need to rely on a shipping company to do it for you. This can be a scary prospect to let a stranger handle your baby. However, with a few simple steps, you can be sure that your transport will go smoothly for your classic car.

Prepare Your Classic Car

This can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. The most important thing to note is any aftermarket parts that may protrude irregularly from your car. If you can remove things like spoilers that rise up, or body kits that stay low, it’s best to get your car as factory issued as possible. This is because the clearance for car shipping is typically set for factory cars and anything that may be irregular could be an issue when you’re shipping a vehicle.

Some classic car owners like to go the extra mile. They’ll use painters tape around the corners or wrap the panels to make sure there is not even the potential for dings or scratches. You may even want to cover the seats inside the car to be sure no damage or stains occur during the time that the car is out of your possession. This may be excessive, but it can help in any unforeseen circumstances.

Research Transporters

Don’t just call the first shipping company and say you have a car you want to ship. They’ll ask for the make, model, and year but they won’t know the condition unless you tell them. Auto shipping companies ship brand new cars and cars that don’t even run. They may assume the latter if you’re not specific with them. Also, some auto shipping companies won’t ship classically restored cars. Their insurance won’t cover it so it’s important to be clear when you talk to a potential auto shipper.

Tell them about your car, tell them about any improvements you have made, and most importantly tell them what it’s worth. Make sure they have insurance coverage that can cover the total cost of your vehicle. If they are not clear about their insurance that is a huge red flag. With every carrier you look into make sure they’re properly licensed.

Choose your trailer

Now that you have a carrier, it’s time to decide how you want your car shipped. Open transport and enclosed transport are the two main options. Open transit is the most available and therefore they’re the cheapest option. You’ve probably seen an open auto transport on the highway. They’re the ones with 6-10 cars stacked on the double decker trailer. It’s a safe way to transport a vehicle. Even car dealerships use this to transport their vehicles. However, cars transport this way are exposed to the elements. They’ll get dirty and they may find the spare pebble that can fly up and crack a windshield.

Most classic car owners opt for the enclosed transit option. This has a canvas or hardshell cover that surrounds the trailer to keep your car safe from the elements. If you’re very particular about your classic car, this is the way to go.

Prepare for difficulties

Door-to-door transport is the best option for classic cars. This makes sure that you or someone trusted is there for pickup and drop off. The driver can come to any location and pick up your vehicle and the two of you can go over once more any specifics you might have with your vehicle. However, a giant truck trailer may not be able to go down every road. You may have to find an offsite location where you can do the transfer. This may be a large parking lot or quiet road.

Shipping a Classic Car has Never been Easier

If you find yourself an auto-transport company that specializes in classic cars, this whole process should be a breeze. They will ask all the right questions, have more the adequate insurance, and be prepared for any types of issues. Atlanta Car Transport is a fantastic option. For the past 16 years, they have shipped every type of car imaginable and will take extra care of your classic car.

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