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Everything You Want to Know About Team Driving

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When you’re first starting out in the trucking business, you’ll hear all kinds of keywords and phrases. For instance, you may be hearing the term “team driving” a lot. What exactly is team driving, anyway? Furthermore, how necessary is it to complete? It turns out many people have a lot of misconceptions about this aspect of trucking. Even experienced drivers don’t always have all the right information about this important aspect of the job! So, keep on reading to pick up more information on team driving.

Rookie Drivers and Team Driving

Generally, speaking, new truck drivers are almost always paired with another driver to start out. This can happen during training or right after. Furthermore, it usually occurs for the first 8-12 months of a trucker’s career.

It’s important for new drivers to work with someone who has more experience than they do. However, it’s important to keep in mind that if not explicitly stated, the co-driver may not be getting paid to train. This means you shouldn’t necessarily rely on them to be a full-on teacher for you. It’s best to learn from them by observing how they do their job.

It’s also important to know that many experienced drivers mention how difficult it can be to share a cab with someone else. So, be sure to do what you can to be a pleasant “roommate”. Keep an open dialogue with the other driver so no one feels like they’re not being heard. This can make a big difference in your time on the road.

Teamwork After Training

Sometimes, you’re way past the training days of your career. Still, you may be put on a job where you have expedited shipping times. In this case, two drivers is better than one. You’ll have more time to take your breaks while getting to your destination. Ultimately, this is important for your safety!

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