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Extended Alcohol Sales for 2019 Super Bowl Week in Atlanta

You are currently viewing Extended Alcohol Sales for 2019 Super Bowl Week in Atlanta
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ATLANTA, GEORGIA — A city in Georgia is extending the hours of alcohol sales for several days near the 2019 Super Bowl. As the city gears up to host the biggest game of the year, it’s preparing to host tons of rowdy folks. With the extended alcohol hours will come increased patrols to help prevent DUIs.

The Atlanta City Council unanimously passed the “Pour until Four” legislation that allows extending bar hours from 2.30 am until 4.00 am during Super Bowl week.

Since the big game attracts thousands of internationals from around the world, this opportunity will enable the bar owners to increase their sales volume. And, of course, this should have some seriously positive effects on the economy of the area. This is a big part of why cities vie to host the game every year.

Atlanta Police Gear Up for Super Bowl

Atlanta police reported that Deputy Chief Scott Kreher will oversee safety and security in the city during the game.

The police department is going to collaborate with Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority and share efforts to help people get home safe. While alcohol sales will go later than usual, they don’t want people to feel encouraged to drive drunk. So, there will be a heavy police presence out there in the city to discourage it.

The Super Bowl is headed back to Atlanta after a vote by NFL owners to play the nation’s biggest sporting event in the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium in February 2019. It will be the third Super Bowl to take place in Atlanta and the first since 2000.

The Metro Atlanta Chamber estimated that the region will gain approximately $400 million in economic impact from the game. This, more or less, lines up with the initial estimates made by other recent Super Bowl hosts.

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