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Four Suspects Taken Into Custody After Fleeing From Authorities

You are currently viewing Four Suspects Taken Into Custody After Fleeing  From Authorities
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COWETA COUNTY, Georgia — Four suspects have been apprehended after attempting to flee authorities in a high-speed chase.


It all started when police received a 911 call from Fidelity Bank at the intersection of Hwy. 154 and Lower Fayetteville Road.


The caller told police that a man was attempting to pass a bad check, according to Major Mark Fenninger with Coweta County Sheriff’s Office.


An officer attempted to confront the suspect as he was leaving the bank, but he got into a car and sped away. Deputies were able to successfully stop the suspect’s vehicle by dropping “stop sticks” at the intersection of Hwy. 154 and Ebenezer Church.


The car was disabled and pulled over onto Creek Drive where the driver stayed behind. But three other occupants ditched the car and ran, according to Fenninger.


The second suspect was caught not far from a nearby woodline not long after that.


Trinity Christian School employee called 911 after reportedly smelling smoke coming from inside one of the restrooms. There was the third final occupant of the suspect’s vehicle.


There were no students present at the time the final subject was taken into custody. It happens after school was dismissed for the day.


“They knew we were looking for someone and thought it could have been one of the suspects hiding,” Fenninger said. “We surrounded the school and located the subject inside a restroom.”


The capture of all four suspects was “an exceptional group effort,” Fenninger said. He estimated the entire chase and manhunt took less than an hour to resolve.


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