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FUSO eCanter Is A Powerful Machine In The World Of OEMs. Here’s Why.

You are currently viewing FUSO eCanter Is A Powerful Machine In The World Of OEMs. Here’s Why.
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FUSO pushes the limits of what’s possible with original equipment managers or OEMs. With their fresh all-electric eCanter trucks, FUSO learns more and more about how to continue innovating with a familiar kindness towards the working class who wishes to do the same.

The eCanter is the first in a line of all-electric trucks. They operate in multiple climates and operate well. FUSO is especially glad considering that with operational fruitfulness coming from actual customers, they’re able to understand how various weather conditions affect the eCanter. This is only the tip of the iceberg for a conversation of great concern in the electric vehicles’ community.

Daimler, the parent company FUSO as well as other great truck manufacturers, believes that by collecting customer feedback and data, they’re able to improve the current specs on eCanter models to come.

But let’s get specific about what makes this electric truck so valuable in today’s industry.

First, consider the batteries of the eCanter

Every battery has 13.8 kilowatts and 420 Volts in total. The electric truck utilizes a permanent synchronous magnet electric motor yielding an input of 1850 kilowatts. The torque is about 380 Nm. Meanwhile, power transfers to the rear axle, with only the used of a standard single-speed transmission. The eCanter performed well with the winter tests as FUSO engineers had no conflict navigating the performance.

High-voltage battries in the eCanter were kept alive thanks to a steady-heat water circuit. Therefore, it would help maintain consistent operational temperatures that wouldn’t have a negative impact on the driving range. So when you see the range, which can go up to 80 miles with a payload with 8,995 pounds, you’re witnessing raw power. Even the braking system is state-of-the-art. There’s a two-stage regenerative electricity about the hydraulic braking system, combined with ABS. It’s beyond revolutionary what FUSO has created here.

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