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Georgia Cheers After Senator Warnock Secures Another Term

You are currently viewing Georgia Cheers After Senator Warnock Secures Another Term
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The senator Raphael Warnock is serving his first full term since he won that 2020 special election, off the heels of the unexpired term in the aftermath of Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson’s retirement.

A hand count of ballots in the Dec. 6 U.S. Senate runoff was almost identical to the original computer count in which Warnock, a Democrat, defeated Republican challenger Herschel Walker.

Whenever Republicans would win all other statewide races, Georgia saw Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock earn his reelection in the formerly-red state in Tuesday’s Senate runoff. Therefore winning around 51.4 percent of a vote compared to about 48.6 percent for GOP challenger Herschel Walker..

How did Georgia let this happen?

For starters, the 320,000 head-start that Warnock had on his opponent was pretty nice. And those were just mail-in votes. Thanks, Corona! Warnock, who lives in Atlanta, had the anticipation to win over about 58% of support from others that

26 of 159 counties Walker had before has improved Warnock’s margin. Thanks to Walker’s lack of attention to his constituents, Warnock was able to swoop in and pick them up.

Close to 90% of Georgians actually did go out to vote. Closing in on about 3.5 million citizens of the state.

Election offices in 138 of Georgia’s 159 counties took part in the optional runoff audit that Raffensperger requested. State election officials are encouraging more regular ballot checks as a way to confirm vote totals. Georgia law mandates an audit following each general election every two years.

Election officials claimed that in many areas, the audited results matched the preliminary ones. Nearly 95 percent of the batches of ballots had no deviation from the original number of votes cast for each candidate.

Throughout the campaign, Walker stumbled to respond to allegations of domestic violence and claims that he paid for ex-girlfriends’ abortions, despite expressing support for a nationwide ban on the procedure. He was also prone to gaffes and false claims, exaggerating his record in academics and business and displaying a loose grasp of policy.

Walker delivered a short concession speech at the College Football Hall of Fame.

“There’s no excuses in life and I am not going to make any excuses now because we put up one heck of a fight,” Walker told supporters.

This is Warnock’s second runoff win in less than two years. In January 2021, he won another runoff contest to fill out the term of a retiring Republican, flipping the seat blue for the first time in years and clinching Democratic control of the Senate.

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