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Georgia Filled With Surplus Cash In Quantity Of $10.7 Billion

You are currently viewing Georgia Filled With Surplus Cash In Quantity Of $10.7 Billion
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Have you ever seen a state have so much money in it’s pockets? Well, now you have with the state of Georgia. The Peach State at this juncture has so much surplus cash it’s actually $10.7 billion of dollars that are available for the leaders of Georgia to use however they want, after the state would therefore run a big surplus for the third year in a row.

Through a Monday report, the state of Georgia had ran a $5.3 billion surplus for the 2022 budget year having ended June 30th, after a solid spending spree of $32.6 billion.

Governor Brian Kemp keeps on with low budget spending for years, as it all stays under the past year revenues. As a result, the quantity of surplus cash had continued to rise.

There are other reserves that allow the fund to fill up to the legal limits of $5.4 billion as well as a lottery reserve fund that can top it at about $2.1 billion. Georgia used up about $18.5 billion in cash reserves all by June 30th.

That quantity is equivalent to half of the projected state spending for the current budget year.

Just how tall is this tower of cash?

One thing is to be certain, and that is how money can easily bring you to the top of the food chain, or create such a deep hole in your heart no one else could ever ever fulfill you again I got all George Washington, lovely Abraham Lincoln, and oh so fond of Benjamin Franklin. Those are the only cases where money can make. You feel good, I believe.

Georgia’s goals? The state intends to educate 1.7 million K-12 students and 435,000 college students. All while housing 49,000 state prisoners as there’s 18,000 miles (29,000 kilometers) paved of highways. All while caring for beyond 200,000 people, ill, disabled, or addicted.

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