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Georgia’s Voting Patterns Impact The 2024 Presidential Election

You are currently viewing Georgia’s Voting Patterns Impact The 2024 Presidential Election
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Over the past hundred years or so, Georgia’s voting patterns have changed a lot. Back in the late 1800s until 1960, it mostly chose Democratic presidents. But starting in 1964, it began picking Republican presidents, except for five times. Georgia has 16 electoral votes, making it important in elections. It’s not always a perfect predictor, but often, the candidate who wins Georgia becomes president.

Georgia and North Carolina are seen as battlegrounds where both parties have a chance. In March, Julie Chavez Rodriguez, who managed Biden-Harris’s campaign, said that early efforts in these states are crucial. Biden himself visited Atlanta to talk about voting rights, while former President Trump held his own event in Rome, Georgia, criticizing Biden.

In the last election, Biden won Georgia by a small margin. In 2016, Trump won by a bigger margin. Georgia’s population is diverse, with about half being white, a third Black, and smaller percentages Hispanic and Asian. Black and Hispanic voters played a big role in Biden’s win, especially with efforts led by Stacey Abrams.

But Biden’s campaign knows they can’t take Georgia for granted. Some Black and Hispanic voters are turning away from Democrats, and Biden needs to win them back. With women making up more than half of Georgia’s population, they’re another crucial group for Biden.

In surveys, Georgians say issues like democracy, immigration, and the economy are important. Biden talks about rebuilding the economy and defending democracy, referring to the January 6th events at the Capitol. Trump claims credit for economic success and often criticizes the media and spreads false claims about the 2020 election.

Recent polls show a close race in Georgia between Biden and Trump. One poll had Trump slightly ahead, another had them tied, and another showed Trump with a small lead. But there are still many undecided voters, and independents could make a difference. Overall, the race in Georgia remains competitive and important for both candidates.

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