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Health Care Workers to be Vaccinated in the South

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Health care facilities across a Southern state are really struggling with new challenges. These are upcoming as the new rules by the federal government will require health care workers to be vaccinated by January 4th. Also with the unfortunate situation of with no option for weekly testing in lieu of mandatory vaccination.

Health Care Leaders Obviously Support Vaccinations

Health care facilities feel they are in a bind if workers choose to leave their jobs. As opposed to complying with the new requirements. Though several care leaders have, in fact, supported vaccination as a key way to protect the employees and spread of the Corona Virus. Also, care facilities are already facing very severe staff shortages.

Health Care Facilities Fall in Line with Vaccine Agency or Lose Funding

Therefore, the rule does require vaccination for workers in 76,000 health facilities and home care providers that get funding. It would be from the government health programs for The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. In fact, there are an estimated 17 million, who are, in fact, are really affected by the rule. Moreover, the rules also allow for medical and religious exemptions.

Georgia Nursing Home Providers

The mandate could actually make staffing shortages even worse for some nursing centers. Of course, the Georgia nursing home providers do support vaccines. Tony Marshall said this. He’s the president and CEO of the Georgia Health Care Association, that represents the long-term care providers across the state of Georgia. This organization has a home base in Atlanta.

The percentages of the vaccinated or the partially vaccinated nursing home workers have thus improved to about three-fourths now do have at least one shot. It seems there are some of the state’s large nursing home chains which have already had vaccine mandates for their workers. It could be especially hard for centers in rural areas, Marshall said, of those meeting the requirement.

Community Acceptance is Low

“However, there is a majority of people who are going to eventually accept the vaccine. Yet, in fact, there are still areas of the state where community acceptance is still very low. Therefore, we are anticipating some worker shortfalls where we have already severely thin in staffing,” he said.

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