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Hot Spots in Atlanta – The “Lyftie Awards”

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With the growth of ride sharing apps, there are now better records of where people are going in major cities. The ride sharing platform, Lyft, gathers data from rides taken in the city. For the last few years, Lyft has partaken in the “Lyftie Awards.” These awards recognize the most popular destinations in cities across the United States. There were some hot spots in Atlanta that received awards this year.


For residents in Atlanta, this is a great way to showcase the more unique and interesting spots to visit. Where are you usually going when you take a Lyft around Atlanta?


Here’s where most people were heading in 2018:


Lyft ranked the popular destinations by category. For example, most popular bar. The winner? Dark Horse Tavern. This bar is popular for its live band karaoke every Monday-Saturday.


Other categories were the most visited fitness center/gym – LA Fitness – and the most visited late-night restaurant – Waffle House. The most visited restaurant for brunch was Atlanta Breakfast Club. The restaurant, located in Mid-Town, boasts that they have the “best breakfast in Atlanta.” It seems Atlanta Lyft riders seem to think so as well!


For the most popular concert venue, Mercedes-Benz Stadium won. The stadium is home of the Atlanta Falcons. It can fit up to 80,000 people for special events, which are hosted there quite frequently.


Lyft also gave “Lyftie Awards” to unique spots from each city. Atlanta’s Ponce City Market took this award. It is no surprise that this market is a hot spot for Atlanta residents and visitors alike. Not only is the space historic, but the Central Food Hall is one of the liveliest food halls in the area. There are a wide range of restaurants and varieties of food, with some award-winning chefs making the list. The Market is home to shops and other attractions as well.


So, it seems that there are a lot of unique spots to check out in Atlanta. These were the top places of 2018, according to the Lyftie Awards. Which hot spots will make the list next year?


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