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How We Ship a Non-Running Car

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Even just an older car may struggle to run properly!
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At Atlanta Car Transport, we take pride in transporting all kinds of cars, no matter their condition. That’s why we say that shipping a non-operating or non-running car is no problem! These cars are those that, for whatever reason, can’t be driven on the streets of Atlanta. However, these cars still may need to get somewhere else, and fast! Here’s what our team does when we get an order for a non-running shipment:

First, we determine the exact condition of the non-running car.

Every car that can’t run is unique in the way that it doesn’t run. It’s like that saying that every unhappy family is unhappy in a different way; there are many reasons why a car wouldn’t be able to drive on the road. We often get these kinds of orders for vehicles that have been in accidents. These vehicles range from totaled to needing a slight mechanical fix. However, vehicles that don’t have keys are also considered non-running. And even some cars that are just older and you haven’t driven in a while might need shipping too! It simply depends on the specific order we get.

When we get one of these orders, we make sure to inspect the vehicle thoroughly. We need to determine exactly what we need to do the job right. We’ll check whether or not the car can roll on its wheels, as this will affect what we need to ship it. Of course, we’ll also make sure that the car isn’t leaking or something more serious.

Then, we’ll get the right equipment for the job.

Because every non-running car is unique, the solutions for hauling them are unique, too! If the car can roll on its wheels, then our job is very easy. All we’ll need to do for these cars is make sure that we have a winch that can pull the car onto one of our trailers. The same goes for cars that don’t have keys, assuming their wheels are pointing straight ahead. If the car can’t run, however, we’ll need to use a forklift to load and unload it from our carriers. This requires us to find a licensed forklift operator on both ends, and while this usually doesn’t take long, it will add to your shipment’s cost. But rest assured that we will find the right equipment for your shipment to happen safely and quickly.

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