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Juror from Georgia Shakes Up Trump Investigation with Revelation

You are currently viewing Juror from Georgia Shakes Up Trump Investigation with Revelation
Trump is getting to be pretty unsettled by the wacky actions of one particular juror.
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In the state of Georgia, there’s a grand jury trying to get to the bottom of how much former President Donald Trump and his team has turned over the results of the 2020 election by way of speaking way too candidly for his taste. Basically, what happened is that this foreman was interviewed intensely and as a result of that there are certain implications that change the tides for the disgraced Donald. Emily Kohrs is the juror in question. She’s lived in Atlanta for so long, that the 30-year-old had been known as the de facto leader of the special grand jury. Yet, her power may have gotten to her head. As there are plenty of indictments found in the report as the Fulton County judge has looked to have the contents of the repot sealed. Such recommended indictments isn’t short, as there’s no exact “plot twist” while the public themselves are exposed to the findings inside the report. All Kohrs could say is that the “big name that everyone keeps asking me about” isn’t anything that anyone would be shocked over. As she said to the public “I don’t think you will be shocked.”

Plenty of legal experts have themselves said how surprised they were by Kohrs’s strangely candid commentary as it also involved an evaluation of various aspects of the case. For instance, the juror had mentioned how there were juror a plenty that would socialize with prosecutors while stating hope for the investigation as it would yield charges, considering how there was so much time that had been invested in the case.

However, extra obstacles are likely facing the Fulton County DA.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is confronting many potholes that come from a series of legal and ethical missteps. Superior Court Judge, Robert McBurney had stopped Willis from the efforts of putting Lieutenant Governor Burt Jones, a republican, who was able to work as one of Trump’s false electors in Georgia. Willis had this happen after the trojan horse of hosting a fundraiser for his opponent.

As it looks right now, Donald Trump and company has again and again talked major game without standing by it. Specifically, in regards to Willis for an outspoken characterization of such investigation and even constant media appearances. The team had even understood likely allegations of what crimes would and could be committed while jail time is on the horizon.

Now let’s say Willis does end up indicted Trump… Well that would be a major blow. As that would make it so Willis would be the first prosecutor ever, mind you, to charge a former president. And in that case, Trump would have the trump card. Because then, it would allow Old Donald to use Kohrs’s remarks to advance the argument that was made for so long, how the probe could essentially amount to a political prosecution. As if it’s all for show. And then what? Would justice really be served if the accused hasn’t learned his lesson? Who knows.

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