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Kia EV6 2022 Gives the Buyer More Bang for their Buck

You are currently viewing Kia EV6 2022 Gives the Buyer More Bang for their Buck
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Kia EV6 2022 offers a key piece of the puzzle with pricing. Moreover, the base model is called Light. It comes with the 58-kWh battery pack for a range of 232 miles. Then, it will also get a single rear motor that makes 167 horsepower. The pricing does start at $42,115, including the destination charge. In fact, it is eligible for the $7,500 federal EV tax credit. That will bring the effective price down to $34,615. In addition, rebates in other states will bring that price down further.

Moreover, the Wind and GT-Line models that do get the larger 77.4-kWh battery pack. In fact, they are offered with either a single rear motor that makes 225 hp. Plus the dual motors and all-wheel drive together make 320 hp. Also, with a single motor, the range for the big-battery models is 310 miles, and dual motors do drop the range to 274 miles. Additionally, pricing, as well as other specifications, haven’t been released for the high-performance GT, yet. Therefore, the EV6 line’s pricing is so far is listed below:

Kia EV6 2022 Pricing

The Light is $42,115. Also, the Wind RWD is $48,215. Moreover, the Wind Dual Motor AWD is $52,115. Plus the GT-Line RWD is $52,415. In fact, the GT-Line Dual Motor AWD is $57,115.

The Kia EV6 is a bit more expensive than its platform-mate the Hyundai Ioniq 5. It starts at $40,925. Also, the $41,955 VW ID.4 is in fact closer to the Kia. Though, in fact, it is cheaper by a couple of hundred bucks.

Also, the Ford Mustang Mach-E, however, is more expensive than the Kia. It does start at $44,995. However, when compared to all-wheel-drive variants, the Kia is more expensive than all of these competitors. In fact, the full-range Nissan Ariya pricing really has yet to be announced. Though we are not exactly sure how it will fit in with these vehicles.

Kia has said the EV6 is going to reach dealers in just a few weeks. It will be eligible for sale in all 50 states. It will not be restricted to just a portion of the country, to begin with.

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