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Logistics Behemoth Creating Venture Fund For Supply Chain Tech

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Ryder Systems Inc. is bringing it’s A-Game to logistics development with a stake in transportation tech and supply chain innovation. They’ll be targeting $50 million in investments over the next five years.

This funding has been made in part by a demand for e-commerce prophecies. And it’s not like Ryder hasn’t jumped into startups before. They created a platform connecting fleet managers with idle vehicles to renting mom-and-pops. Or I guess you’ve never used COOP before, huh?

Ryder has also been instrumental in being in-cahoots with leaders in electric and autonomous technology that is quickly approaching the way we change the way we look at logistics.

Karen Jones, the CMO and also the executive VP of new product innovation over there has mentioned that Ryder’s strong history has only helped them to continue “leveraging emerging technologies to help make their business and, ultimately, our customers’… more competitive.” What a wise leader!

This type of leap in Logistics makes me excited!

Why is this? Well if we surround ourselves with more technology, then we’re more likely to be safe in the coming years. And the technology here is different. Except, it’s simply a mentor investing in sapling entities to make the world-saving technologies for them. Isn’t logistics really something? There’s something nice to be said about what Ryder is doing for the future of logistics. Because it’s seen that they’re relinquishing some of the glory in favor of being seen as gentler giants of the industry. You can’t win them all, as Jones goes on to explain more points.

“With RyderVentures, the goal is to identify earlier in the process [of] those new technologies that address our customers’ pain points.” Well, how benevolent of them! Where else will you find a trucking company so benevolent as Ryder?! How fantastic that they’re working next to startups to speed their solutions into the market!

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