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Marijuana Testing For New Drivers

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ATLANTA, GA – Marijuana detection technology will be issued to Atlanta Police. The goal is to be able to detect possible DUI’s and increase safer roads.

Marijuana Breathalyzer Technology

The device is simple. A 3-D printed breathalyzer will be used to detect trace amounts of cannabis within the driver’s system. It will then tell the officer how much is actually in the system of the driver. If it is higher than a respectable amount, then the driver will be cited for a DUI.

“I think this device is going to take away that guessing,” Star said. “So you don’t just rely on human observation but there will also be some scientific data to support that observation.”

The backlash for this new technology comes from citizens who believe that the devices that are trying to be used by police need to be further developed.

“Right now, these devices will only tell you how much cannabis is in the system of the driver. Cannabis can stay in the body for months, so even if the detector comes up positive, this doesn’t let the officer know if it was smoked recently or yesterday,” says Atlanta resident Sharon Lefosche.

Eager To Arrest Citizens

With the proposition to roll out these little devices in the next two years, many simply feel like they are being targeted by ineffective arrest measurements. After all, relations between citizens and the police are bad and getting worse over the years. And with support for legal marijuana at an all-time high, these tests are unlikely to be popular.

The state has tested its new devices on machines that will artificially “breath” marijuana smoke into the device. Due to federal legal issues, the state cannot test on human subjects due to the Federal schedule of cannabis. There are still a significant number of variables to be determined and a machine can give wrong results, as with breathalyzers for alcohol.

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