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Measles Ravage The Community For The First Time Since 2020

You are currently viewing Measles Ravage The Community For The First Time Since 2020
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Health officials throughout the past week had made it known that Georgia is experiencing an outbreak of measels. The first case in particular being caught in Atlanta. This is the first time it has occurred since 2020. There are many outbreaks occurring throughout the United States of America and plenty of them are connected to international travel.

The public health department had mentioned on Thursday how an unvaccinated resident from the Atlanta region had made their way out of the country, while being exposed to such a specifically contagious virus. Measles themselves are able to be prevented by a vaccine. Many health officials are hard-at-work with identifying who may have possibly had contact with such an infectious person, all according to a department news release. As of the time of writing, there hasn’t been any clear indication of the person’s age, travel history or even the locations that have been visited by the person in the Atlanta area.

It’s just shocking that it’s back in the Peach State.

Even earlier in the week, health officials throughout Virginia and D.C. have been warned that there is a case of measles involving someone who had made their way through Dulles International Airport on January 3rd, and Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport on January 4th. Additionally, there have been about nine cases in Philadelphia that seems to confirm the shock of this outbreak.

About 56 cases of measles have been found in 2023 whereas in 2019, there were about 1,274 cases. Alarming numbers, I know.

The likelihood is strong that measles came from International Travel. And the chances are that the airports have been spreading it most easily.

A new report saw the percentage of children with a vaccine exemption coming to it’s highest rate in the 2022-2023 school year. The national coverage for MMR showed about 250,000 kindergartners to be at risk of taking the vaccine and having measles therefore.

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