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Meat Trucking Facing Sharp Demand

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Frozen goods such as meat and other products are in drastic need of delivery drivers. Some of the most common household goods are not being kept stocked on shelves due to “panic-buying”. This has left the already overextended trucking industry to push workers to drive upwards of 14 hours per day in order to make their deliveries on time.

Why Meat?

Well, it’s not just meat that needs to be shipped, but it is a big one. Dairy, vegetables and any other perishable frozen products are also shipped in the same trucks. This allows one truck to move the required products to a specific store all at once. With meat and dairy, this goes hand in hand. These are also the major items that stores are in major need of. With current events pushing for further stocking up, the demand for these products is at their highest. It is essential for consumers to take only what they need. Unfortunately, some think they need it more than others. This has caused a massive hole in being able to keep products stocked vs keeping up with demand.

Other Frozen or Refrigerated Goods

Milk, butter and every other dairy require a refrigerated trailer. Vegetables are the only other The number of trailers is available for use, but there simply aren’t enough drivers to help move them across the country. Refrigerated trucking is one of the most sought after positions right now. Many companies are looking to play well and increase benefits packages for new and prospecting truck drivers. By having enough drivers, the ones currently on the road will not be overtaxed on their work hours and the issues of running them to the ground will smooth out.

Looking for a New Career? One of the most important jobs at this current time in trucking. In order for stores to remain stocked, truckers are needed to make sure products are delivered to stores across the country. If you are currently laid off due to COVID-19, perhaps a transition is in order. Obtaining your Class A CDL license and becoming a driver might be the perfect fit for your new career. If you have your Class A CDL license already but have been working in a different field, there is no better time than now to become a truck driver!

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