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Mercedes-Benz Pleases All With Brand-New Limo With Tremec Six-Speed

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Mercedes-Benz is known for building cars that are associating with luxury and wealth. However, the Mercedes-Benz 600, also known as the Grosse Mercedes (“Grand Mercedes”) that holds a high standard above them all. First delivered in 1963, the coach-built, money-is-no-object which is an ultra-luxury car. Then it went on to become the vehicle of choice from dictators to rock stars. Many were, in fact, used to transport the VIPs in both ease and style. However, this modified 1965 Mercedes-Benz 600 SWB does change these illustrious scripts just a bit.

Mercedes-Benz Restored by Karl Middelhauve

The vehicle that is, in question, is presently in inventory at Classic Car Restoration, LLC. In fact, Middelhauve is really an expert in the Mercedes Grand 600 and 300SEL 6.3 models from the mid-20th century. In fact, they do feature a fresh repaint in its original Tobacco Brown color. There is a fresh cognac and leather interior and carpeting as well. Moreover, the interior has also received a fresh cognac leather interior and carpeting. Plus, the inside looks to be a specific treat. There is gorgeous walnut wood with paneling inside. Also, there is beautiful glorious analog instruments and even an original Becker Grand Prix radio in the dash.

The 6.3-liter M100 V8, which originally delivering 250 horsepower, has been given a serious upgrade in the form of a modern electronic fuel injection system. It’s a huge step up from the basic carburetors from the 1960s. It brings the double benefits of improving efficiency and reliability. However, Middelhauve did go further, thus equipping the car with a rear-mount turbo to boost the power output to a ridiculous 480 horsepower.

Therefore, a step up in power output is going to destroy the original gearbox. In fact, the car also did receive a new Tremec 6-speed manual to put the power onto the ground.

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