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C-130 Military Plane Crash in Chatham County Left 5 People Dead

You are currently viewing C-130 Military Plane Crash in Chatham County Left 5 People Dead
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CHATHAM COUNTY, Georgia — An Air National Guard C-130 cargo plane on a training mission crashed Wednesday along a road near a Georgia airport leaving 5 people dead.


A spokeswoman for the Port Wentworth Fire Department said a call came out and “everyone scrambled” to the scene. She could see black smoke “pouring” into the sky from her location.


“We have people responding to the scene,” she said.


A spokeswoman for the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport confirmed it was a military aircraft.


The plane was assigned to the Air National Guard, according to the Air Force. A spokeswoman for Air National Guard confirmed the plane is the C-130.


It’s important to mention that the plane was doing a training mission when it crashed near the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport, said the Savannah Air National Guard.


The plane came down near the intersection of Highway 21 and Crossgate Road. There was a heavy black smoke that could be seen in the area in the minutes after the crash.


According to the recent news, five people were on board, Bamba said.


Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport said on social media that there are flights that can be affected by the crash happened off its property. The airport advised passengers to check with their airline for updated flight information.


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