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Multi-Car Shipping

multi car shipping

Is it surprising to you that vehicle shipping has a high cost? It is not all easy sailing and profits for carriers:  the high cost of operating a car hauler comes from the complexity of the specialized equipment, cost of fuel, training, and experience for drivers, safety procedures, insurance, increased risk of claims and government regulations. Shippers are always trying to fill their trucks so that they can deliver a full load of vehicles to maximize their earnings. For customers that need to have two or more cars shipped, this can be a very good method.

Two Ways to Ship Cars: Open and Enclosed

Whether you’re shipping one car or six, there are two main options that apply to how the vehicle is transported. An enclosed carrier completely protects the vehicle on all sides during transport, shielding it from bad weather, potential road debris, and sun damage. Enclosed carriers are the more expensive of the two since it’s considered a premium service.

An open carrier is more typical and the more cost-effective option. The reason it’s cheaper to ship on an open carrier is that they can hold more cars; generally, between 6-12 vehicles at once. By contrast, an enclosed carrier can generally only accommodate 1-2 cars at the same time.

Types of Vehicles We Can Provide Multi Car Shipping:

  • Exotic, luxury and high-value vehicles
  • Classic and vintage automobiles
  • Sports cars and muscle cars
  • Trucks, pickups, and SUVs
  • Military Equipment
  • Motorcycles and sport bikes
  • Race cars and high-performance vehicles

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