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Murder From 2015 Results In Life Sentence For Gunman

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A 24-year-old received a life sentence for his actions in a slew of homicides and robberies across Fulton County. The convicted, Denzel Atkins, stood trial for a murder committed in 2015.

That incident took place on December 22 of that year. It began when Atkins’s friend, Harold Foster, travelled to Atlanta to meet up and “make some money.” However, the plan hatched by Atkins involved illicit means.

Upon arriving in Atlanta, the two young men attended a meeting with 22-year-old Elijah Wallace. Ostensibly, they were to execute a drug deal. Instead, they wound up executing Wallace. Paul Howard Jr., the district attorney for Fulton County, released a statement explaining, “Atkins was aware that Wallace sold marijuana and would likely be carrying a significant amount of cash.”

Indeed, Wallace passed a backpack holding money and cannabis. Wallace carried $20,000 in cash within the book bag. According to testimony, Atkins displayed a pistol in his lap during the deal. When Wallace complimented the firearm, he pulled out his own to show the other two.

Meanwhile, in the course of a few minutes, Atkins verified the amount of cash and drugs. Then, upon confirmation, he pointed his pistol at Wallace, caught off-guard. He fired over a dozen bullets into the 22-year-old, killing him.

Clean-up After Murder

After killing Wallace, Atkins and his accomplice, Foster, disposed of the body along the side of Campbellton Rd. Following, they headed back towards Vidalia, dumping the evidence out the window as they drove.

Among the items they tossed were the victim’s phone, shoes, and gun. They also dumped their own shirts as well as the murder weapon.

The day after the murder, investigators located the car used during the crime in Montgomery. Its condition suggested attempted arson. The car belonged to Foster’s girlfriend.

The following month, on January 20, police arrested Foster. In February, they took Atkins into custody.

While Atkins stood trial for a previous murder from 2014, the jury ultimately acquited him. However, this time around, the jury found him guilty of multiple crimes. He was found guilty of murder, felony murder, armed robbery, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, criminal attempt to purchase marijuana, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony. 

For these crimes, Atkins received two life sentences plus 15 years.

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