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New Student Housing in Downtown Atlanta: $90 Million Project Offers Affordable Prices

You are currently viewing New Student Housing in Downtown Atlanta: $90 Million Project Offers Affordable Prices
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Atlanta, Georgia – Next year a new student housing will be ready for Georgia State University students. This will be another option for on-campus living in downtown Atlanta. GSU students won’t need to rent rooms in old buildings with poor Wi-Fi anymore.

The student housing of 16 stories will be located on the corner of Piedmont and John Wesley Dobbs Avenue, downtown Atlanta. This new project will dramatically transform that area. It’ll hopefully make students feel more comfortable as they study, too.

South City Partners developed the $90 million project. The new luxury housing will offer 658 beds and 8200 square feet of retail. The building is expected to be ready by next August, just in time for Georgia State University Fall semester.

This information was released by Will Casaday, South City Partner’s Vice president of development. He’s in charge of this program overall, overseeing the planning and construction.

Specs of the New Atlanta Housing

The student housing in Atlanta will be furnished, including washer and dryer, as well as 48-inch-flat screen TV. On the rooftop, the lounge and heated pool will be available for students. The dog spa together with other amenities is going to be included.

According to Casaday, some students have already signed a lease for next year. They are all incredibly excited about their new lifestyle. After all, college is an incredibly exciting time in many young peoples’ lives. This is especially true if you’re comfortable in your space.

The rent for the student room is affordable, especially in relation to the rest of the city. The priciest of all will be one bedroom of $1400 to $1600. While that’s still a significant amount of money, hopefully those numbers will come down as time goes on.

The cheapest from all options are four bedroom apartment with the rent price starting from $925 to $1150.

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