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Non-Op Car Shipping

non operable car shippingAtlanta Car Transport specializes in shipping non-running and damaged cars. Shipping cars that do not operate can be a complicated process, involving different procedures, training & equipment from a typical car transport. Every move is unique, some cars do not start while others can’t roll due to collision damage and some don’t even have wheels.  Although there are many reasons that can make a car inoperable – we provide the expertise and nationwide coverage making it simple.

How to Ship a Non-Op Vehicle

Vehicles that have mechanical issues If the vehicle doesn’t start at any point of the transport it is considered non-running. Generally, if it doesn’t start a winch is used to get the vehicle on and off the trailer.
Vehicles that have no keys When shipping vehicles with no keys wheels must be pointing straight and transmission be put in neutral. You need to provide extra fees to load the vehicle at the pickup location and unload on delivery.
Vehicles that are damaged Vehicles that won’t roll, need to be loaded by a roll-back tow truck or a forklift. When picking up a vehicle at a salvage auction a forklift is generally available, an adequate size forklift will also be necessary at the time of unloading.

What Affects the Price of Transport for a Non-Op Vehicle

  • The non-operable automobile’s specifications and condition
  • The vehicle’s weight and size
  • The shipping services used to transport the non-op car
  • The distance the car must travel to reach its delivery address
  • Fuel costs at the time of transport
  • The complexity of the transport since the car is inoperable

Before calling around for quotes, make your search easier by condensing the number of transporters you contact.

Narrow your options by looking for positive qualities that all professional transport companies should possess. This may include proven history shipping salvaged vehicles and any certifications showing their success in the industry.

Atlanta Car Transport Fully Ensures Your Shipment

When you ship with us, you can be sure knowing that your vehicle has a 100% insurance. We provide full insurance coverage for each vehicle that we transport. Learn more about Atlanta Car Transport insurance.

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