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Optimism Is Supreme In This COVID-19 Stricken Road Trip

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Commercial Vehicles have had it rough in 2020. With all the expectations that were put on commercial drivers, 2021 is still likely a chance for us in the truck driving community to show our worth and prove our strength. This is especially the case for freight and equipment sales. Show some optimism!

According to the stats as they are, truck loadings look like they’ll improve somehow. 2020 presented us with a decline of truck loadings while they actually rose to more than 5% this year. Flatbed leads at 6% but also took a big hit in 2020. They had a strong second half for continuous high freight demand into 2022.

Meanwhile, the timing of the recovery is still challenged by a number of problems. This includes the abatement of the pandemic, another financial stimulus and of course the shake-up of a new President sitting in the White House. And he’s full of optimism!

Another thing to keep in mind is that trucking has undergone a huge boom in 2020 because of new for-hire trucking companies. As of late, they have been shifting leased operators into the role of operators operating with their own authority.

The orders in 2021 definitely reflect on the conditions as they are now, which are vastly abnormal. There’s no expectancy for that to continue.

Plenty of Fleets have been placing orders for delivery in a span of nine to twelve months. Some orders, while canceled mid-year, could come back stronger and even more stable than before.

Fleets are looking to recover in 2021 with optimism shooting out of their pores. Analysts believe a new round of federal stimuli will impact the effects that take place when it comes to the trucking industry and their own optimism. If it is in fact revelatory, then chances are, this will lead to new heights previously unthought-of as possible. Isn’t that just swell?

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