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Peach State Mayoral Candidate Uses $323G PPP on Her Own Expenses

You are currently viewing Peach State Mayoral Candidate Uses $323G PPP on Her Own Expenses
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A former Peach State mayoral candidate in charge of a nonprofit that claims to assist low-income families spent $323,000 in loans. She received it from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). She spent them abusively on the in-ground pool for her home, furniture, and more. This was amidst other personal expenses, the Justice Department has alleged. 

Former Peach State Mayor Candidate has Been Arraigned on Federal Charges

Arraigned on federal charges of bank fraud, money laundering, Olivia Ware is the CEO of Let’s Talk about Family, Inc. However, she is being charged with bank fraud, money laundering, according to the U.S. Attorney Office in the Northern District of Georgia. Ware allegedly submitted a falsified application to a bank. This is how the prosecutors say Ware obtained the PPP loan. Therefore, Ware provided “fictitious tax records purporting to show the company had 54 employees that were paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in salary.” 

Peach State: Unsuccessful Run for Mayor’s Office

In fact, Ware unsuccessfully ran for mayor of Conyers in 2017. The Conyers is a city about 15,000 outside of Atlanta.

Fraudster Stealing Money from the PPP Fund

“They say bad times bring out the best in people, in this situation, that is an example of that,” Special Agent in Charge Katrina Berger. She heads the Homeland Security Investigations operations in Georgia and Alabama. Berger said that in a statement. “Moreover, every time a fraudster steals money from the PPP fund another legitimate business is unable to get those funds to help real employees with their real families.”

Let’s Talk About the Family, not the PPP Fund!

On its website, Let’s Talk About the Family, does describe itself as a “community-based non-profit organization that assists low-income families with information that will assist them to help themselves.” Thus “increasing their scope to identify resources from local and state agencies.”

Olivia Ware’s Biography Paints a Spirit of Giving Rather Than Taking?

Moreover, Olivia Ware is a 61-year-old from Oxnard. In her biography, it says “she has had a profound impact on the lives of families within Georgia communities for many years.”

Rewriting History Perhaps?

“Dr. Ware’s drive and tenacity to aid families through grant writing intervention and prevention programs has astounded local, state, and nationwide leaders,” it added. However, what really “astounds” more is Ware’s greed and duplicitous nature to steal money?

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