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Police And Fire Training Center Doubles In Public Cost

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The Police and Fire Training Center Is Expensive.
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The proposed police and fire training center is going to cost a pretty penny. Or maybe two. Given that taxpayers will have double their original collection service of $31 million doubled in order to create this facility.

Officials have recently confirmed a provision in the lease of Atlanta, in coordination with the Police Foundation, that adds roughly $36 million to the total price tag of the $90 million creation. Such a “lease back” asks the city to cover around $1.2 million, yearly, in order for the facility to be of use for the next three decades.

Plus, there is that $31 million that city taxpayers are already giving for the construction costs as is.

Current Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms Has Already Made Her Position Known.

The City is going to pay a total of $30 million or the city will agree to a lease back. That was her position on it. But there’s more: evidently, the Atlanta City Council has the city liable to accomplish both tasks. The additional cost was first reported by the Atlanta Community Press Collective on Wednesday.

Furthermore, the city is already setting aside lease payments in order to train police and firefighters before the construction is completed.

The Atlanta Public Safety Training Center is giving an opportunity for the Atlanta Fire and Rescue Department and the Atlanta Police Department to engage in joint training, as well as enough classrooms and an Emergency Vehicle Operations Course to involve quality greenspace. By the end of these lease payments, Atlanta will absolutely own the facilities.

In which case, the facility is to be located on the former premises of Atlanta’s very old prison farm, over there in DeKalb County. Such an area shows ongoing conflict interjecting between authorities and left-leaners over so many issues, like militarization of the police, while opposing companies who would fund the projects via donation to the police foundation. Certainly, one hopes that Atlanta’s very own police force would be better off with better training. Instead of being given total disrespect and attack on privacy.

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