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Police Force Uses New Tactics To Dispel Gang Activity

You are currently viewing Police Force Uses New Tactics To Dispel Gang Activity
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Local police are keeping track of gang activity and it is not impressive at all with beyond 50,000 documented gang members statewide. Yet, it’s according to the police that mention how the department’s heightened, multi-agency approach matches the rise and in turn, meets the rise head-on. As a result of this latest development, the last summer was a busy one for law enforcement from Atlanta police special enforcement.

Sixty persons are facing a slew of gang charges. They ranged about 35 gang charges and got 30 weapons off the street.

It was all part of “Operation Heat Wave,” the city’s detailed initiative to cut back on gangs. Police say there’s a connection to guns, gangs, and drugs. They monitor upticks and send resources accordingly.

What is the outcome of Operation Heat Wave’s outcome?

As a result of those seven operations of 14 weeks what resulted was truly amazing. Atlanta saw a 29% reduction in our homicides, a 14% reduction in robberies and 26% reduction in shootings in city.

Federal agencies such as ATF and state partnerships with a new gang prosecution unit helped form that dent.

Police won’t share specific tactics as they’re still monitoring gang activity that often involves people from different states or localities. Authorities say they monitor crime on a weekly basis, so those resources will go into different communities depending on the need.

A heavy-handed approach from Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has caught gang members by surprise.

According to the Atlanta PD Cobra report, everything seems to be dipping as far as major crimes go. Everything from homicide to aggravated assault and rape.

What About the Crime Stoppers?

The Crime Stoppers are always here to help! Crime Stoppers Greater Atlanta is a community based, non-profit program, managed by a civilian volunteer advisory board. It is a crime information collection operation, which enables anyone with information about a crime, and who wishes to remain anonymous, to pass that information on to law enforcement through a neutral organization. As a force multiplier, they help law enforcement reduce the time it takes to investigate cases and put criminals away. The faster the criminals are taken off the streets, the more crimes can be prevented, reducing the number of victims in the community.

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