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Ports Break Cargo Records Due to Upward Growth Trend

You are currently viewing Ports Break Cargo Records Due to Upward Growth Trend
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Ports through the Georgia Ports Authority in Georgia is reporting 16 months of ongoing growth through a port in a local city indicating that another monthly record was breaking in November.

Ports Experience a 6.7 Percent Increase Over Prior Year

The officials in a local facility have said they handled 495,750 20-foot equivalent container units in November. This is a 6.7 percent increase over the previous year. For the Georgia Ports Authority, it is a new monthly record. The size of a railroad car is what a twenty-foot equivalent container is.

“In fact, I would like to acknowledge the amazing teamwork on and off our terminals are making. They are the results thus possible,” said Grill Lynch. He is the GPA’s executive director. “Also, with employees along the local stevedores, ILA members, truckers, river captains, and many other transportation professionals. They have pulled together to handle the record cargo volumes for the astonishing 16 successive months.”

Backlog in Goods

The GPA has dealt with the supply chain issues because of a backlog in goods created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Plus about two months ago, there were several dozen ships that began lining up in the ocean. They waited for a chance to get to the port to unload the containers.

In less than six months, now officers have said the GPA is designing. Plus, they have begun to implement what it does in terms of an “ambitious series of improvements.” They will increase the local ports’ annual capacity by 25 percent. Thus, so far the extra container handling space (for up to 200,000 TEUs). Also, there are an additional 200,000 which are set up to be added in about three weeks.

The Port says that by next month, it will add capacity for an additional 500,000 TEUs.

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