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Postmaster General Is Committing to 10% of USPS Fleet Going Electric!!

You are currently viewing Postmaster General Is Committing to 10% of USPS Fleet Going Electric!!
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Postmaster General of the United States Postal Service has some news. As recen as recent can be, the head of mail has been able to committ! Heavily! to 10% of the fleet going electric. This was made a reality last week. It’s likely to replace 50,000 – 165,000 vehicles. Can you believe that? The vehicles are going to be totally electric! Currently, the vehicles that run for LLV purposes (Long-Life Vehicles) are already peaking at 30 years old. Crazy stuff. Mr. Postmaster General. But what would the Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy know? Homeboy DeJoy was given the position by Former President Donald Trump.

With this initial announcement becoming a combo of Oshkosh Corp. and the US Postal Service, it’s no surprise. This is simply thanks to the fact that the Biden administration has made it well-known that they would transition everything in the government into Electric Vehicle models. Post Office Vehicles largely are the greatest addition, clearly.

When Congress talked to DeJoy and were curious about why 10% was the magic number, the Postmaster General replies with quite the excuse. That the USPS is insufficient with a lacking 3 or 4 billion dollars that is needed to do so. DeJoy is very unclear with the extensive electric rollout that it’s supposed to cost in comparison.

Environmentalists are usually not so gung ho if it’s just a half-baked effort. And chances are it only happens when the company is concerned about something other than looking cool to a younger demographic.

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